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How to smash your laptop and get away from it

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Finding such flyers common? But with that $1000, you could easily get a new notebook right? No, the money is really meant for getting the data in the notebook, rather then the notebook itself. But if this person adapted cloud computing, he could just get a new notebook and start working immediately instead of wasting time posting such flyers!

When I talk about internet tools these days, I could not separate from talking about web-based application – specifically applications that runs off the web with no installation required.

So what’s the big deal about doing your word processing online, or say doing photo editing online? We’ve been doing our word processing on Microsoft Word or cropping photos using Adobe Photoshop for so long, why the change?

Well, the idea of using web based applications is about making use of the “cloud” to get things done. Cloud, as in a really big and powerful computer at some data center far away, not the white fluff you see on sunny days.

When we run such applications off the “cloud”, we effectively shift the responsibilities of the computer we’re working on, onto a really large, powerful and reliable (well, sort of at least, more on this in a bit) mega computer. The processing power, the storage of both the application and the data you’re working on – all at the server’s end. On our end, we’re just using a web browser to accomplish these tasks.

With applications like Google Docs (for word processing) and Picnik (for photo editing), we no longer need to install any additional software other then a web browser. Just log into the respective sites and start working.

With web based applications, there is no fuss about losing your documents, forgetting to copy into your thumb drive, or even a computer crash. Simply because these applications save regularly as you work, and saves a copy of these documents on their mega computers – not on your PC. So even if your computer crashes at the end of your million word thesis, it won’t be too painful for you, because you can always move to another computer (in the library if you really need) and continue to work from there.

What’s more, with web based applications, it really opens the door for collaboration. When a Google Docs word document is shared among a group of people, members of the group could easily edit and give inputs without sending files to each other and manually updating whatever that have been edited. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!


Google’s promotional video on their latest CR-48 notebook, highlighting the advantages of using Chrome OS

Recently, Google upped the ante by introducing the Google CR-48 notebook, running their Chrome OS. Chrome OS is basically a very light operating system that connects you to the whole suit of Google’s web based applications. From Google’s very own launch video, it is clear that with web based application, reliability and ease of use is the key focus. Never mind if your notebook is smashed over a thousand times in the course of working on a word document, because you can simply move to a new notebook and you could continue working at the point you left it.

But well, computers are far from being perfect. Google’s Gmail email service just suffered a blow over the weekend, with almost 40,000 accounts wiped out and unresolved…. Hope you’re not one of them. 🙂


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March 2, 2011 at 1:47 pm

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