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Bullying turns to Cyberspace

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A screen shot on the report about the first cyber bullying death that occurred in Singapore.

To be frank, it sounded a little ridiculous at first when I first saw the news a on what it appears to be the first death from cyber bullying happening in Singapore.

A 16 year old Myanmar girl committed suicide at the height of a cyber bully attack by her ex-boyfriend.

Her ex-boyfriend posted nasty comments, like calling her a “loose woman” on her Facebook page.

This instigated her to jump to her death at her Pasir Ris block.

What made me feel a little ridiculous was that cyber bullying, to me, is literary an online name calling exercise. Perhaps unlike nasty bullying taunts in real life, people can have a choice in ignoring taunts made online.

In fact, the buzz word on the Internet is choice. With millions or even billions of other content to occupy yourself, why bother about online taunts?

But I digress. This is an issue that not only plugged Singaporeans of late. In the US, cyber bullying is seen as a major issue, especially when the circulation of racy sexual content comes to play. Coined as “sexting”, young and usually oblivious teenage females take naked pictures of themselves and send it to their then boyfriend. After breakup, the boy turns rouge and forward that naked picture around to every boy he knows.

“Sexting” occurs usually among females, where they would take sexually explicit pictures of themselves, and send them to their lovers in attempt to capture more affection or attention from them.

While I have to agree that sexting is a bigger issue as compared to the milder cyber bullying, but that is even easier to prevent.

Just DON’T take naked pictures of yourself and sending it to everyone! While teenagers might think sexting is something that can improve their social status by breaking that “clean mummy’s girl” image, I think it is just plain dumb. Never mind if your partner doesn’t leak out these images, what if you lose your phone and the person who picked it up isn’t all friendly?

The bottomline, think and act rationally online. If doubt about cyber bullying, please consult the Stop Cyberbullying page.


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April 13, 2011 at 12:46 pm

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